Khenchela Province

Khenchela ancient Mascula is a province in the north east of Algeria. Situated in the Aures Mountains, 1200 m above sea level. The highest peak, mount Chelia, is at a 1900m above the sea. The city is mainly populated by Berber Chaouis, and it has a history that dates back to Numidians and Romans. It is also famous for its cultural and natural heritage.
Khenchela has a cool Mediterranean climate, with an average annual precipitation of 446 millimetres (17.6 in). Summers are warm and dry and winters are chilly and wetter, with the possibility of snowfall. It is one of the coldest cities in Algeria.


Abbes Leghrour University

Univ. Abbes Leghrour, Khenchela.
BP 1252, Route de Batna Khenchela, 40004
Khenchela, Algeria
Tel: +213.32 73 12 36, +213.32 73 12 55

The Future Observatory Site

Chechar, Khenchela.

Places to visit

Thermal Complex, Hammam Salihine
Route de Batna 07000 Biskra
Tél: +213.33 75 96 32 , +213.33 75 90 26
Chechar, Khenchela