Pictures from the Algiers Workshop

The opening of the Workshp at the Moufdi Zakaria Cultural Palace. The CRAAG Director Mr Yelles- Chaouche at left, Dr.N.Seghouani, head of the Astronomy Depart at the CRAAG and Director of the Workshop, and at the right the "coordonateur" of the EDA (Graduate Studies Program in Astrophysics).

Were present at the Workshop, scientists from various universities in Algeria and abroad, as well as all the EDA graduate students from the past two years.

Two days of talks coverd most of the fields of astrophysics, from exoplanets, X and gamma Ray astrophysics, GRB's, to neutrino astrophysics, all the way to extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.

The poster sessions were an important part of the Workshop.

The last day was devoted toa touristic visitat Tipaza city s well as the visit of the Mauretania Mausoleum.

A "family" picture.