Every applicant should have by now received a response...

Every applicant should have by now received a response from the Workshop Scientific Committee. And sorry for having slighty delayed the notifications due to late arrival of some applications. If for whatever raison you haven't receive a reply, please contact us urgently.

Guidelines for Talks
Talks will be of 20mn duration although some invited synthetic talks may be 30mn to 40mn lenght not inclusive of the Q&A session. More instructions will be posted here soon and given to participants individually.

Guidelines to "Poster making"
Posters should be imperatively written in English and should be no larger than 90cm x 120 cm. Authors should use large characters and avoid just posting a reprint. Concision and clarity are important. It may be useful to think of it as an extensive abstract. On the other hand, the reprint could be stuck next to it. Ideally, it should be readable at a walking distance without difficulty (Say from one meter or so). Please make it as attractive as you can.

 Instructions for submitting papers from Talks and Posters
Authors of both talks and posters are entitled to have them included as papers in the Workshop Proceedings. Please check the Instructions sheet.